31 January
19:00 h

Dieter Schnebel: “körpersprache”
Daniel Ott: “klangsprache”

Museum for Communication, Berlin
As part of the “lange Nacht der Museen” (day of long museum opening times)

Performers: Students of the Berlin University of the Arts

5 – 8 February

New Music Theatre

As part of the “Making new Waves” Festival

Franz Liszt Music Academy, Budapest

7 February

For Bunita Marcus
Morton Feldman

Concert as part of the “Making new Waves” Festival

Trafó, House of Contemporary Art, Budapest

Daniel Ott, piano

2 April
17:30 h

26/5 – 2/4

Concert installation for 4 harps, 6 percussionists,
2 accordions, 2 double basses, trumpet, saxophone,
Electric guitar and electric bass (world premiere of the new version)

Aircraft hall, Lucerne transport museum (Switzerland)

As part of the “musik & raum” congress

8 & 9 May
18:00 h


Sound event for children’s choir
4 accordions and 2 percussionists (World Premiere)
Alte Seifenfabrik, Biel/Bienne (Switzerland)

Children’s choir of the Biel Music School
Conductor: Jean-Luc Gassmann

23 & 24 July


Open-air concert installation (World Premiere)

Freiburg im Breisgau in the courtyard of the old University
Fest der Innenhöfe

ensemble zampugn
Co Streiff, saxophone
Wu Wei, sheng
Olga Mischula, dulcimer
Bettina Buchmann, accordion
Christophe Dufaux, accordion
Jan Schlegel, electric bass
John Eckhardt, double bass
Christian Dierstein, percussion
Christian Gerber, accordion
Hans Koch, bass-clarinet
Rajesh Mehta, trumpet

20 & 21 August


New Music Festival

Festival Rümlingen (Switzerland)

with Dino Saluzzi, bandoneon
Lauren Newton, voice
Garth Knox, viola
Misato Mayumi, sho
Erwin Stache, instrument builder
Arpad Dobriban, culinary artist

11 September

beschleunigung. lokhalle.9/04

New work in the locomotive-hall for 23 musicians (ensemble zampugn) beschleunigungen (accelerations) (world premiere)

Festival Experiment Geschwindigkeit

ensemble zampugn and others.:
Co Streiff, saxophone
Rajesh Mehta, trumpet
Christophe Dufaux, accordion
Jan Schlegel, electric bass

12 September

John Cage: »il treno«

Music for a moving train – in collaboration with
the University of Arts Berlin & Deutsche Bahn

Festival Experiment Geschwindigkeit

19 September – 10 October


International masterclass with: Peter Weitzner, Jurij A. Vasiljev,
Maria Elena Amos, Ruedi Häusermann, Vinko Globokar,
César Brie

30 October

ojota IV

Music theatre (2000) about shoes/steps/pathways

Münster i. Westfalen

Anna Clementi, voice
Francoise Rivalland, cymbalom
Chico Mello, guitar/clarinet
Michele Lomuto, trombone
Thomas Meixner, percussion
Christophe Dufaux, accordion
Andreas Edelblut, actor
Stephan Lohse, actor

15 November
21:00 h

ojota III

Music theatre about shoes, steps, pathways

Goethe-Institut, Rom
As part of the series “MUSICA EXPERIMENTO”

Anna Clementi, voice
Francoise Rivalland, santur
Chico Mello, guitar/clarinet
Michele Lomuto, trombone
Tomas Ondrusek, percussion

02 December
20:00 h

Music theatre for two voices (World Premiere)
Bettina Marugg & Eva Nievergelt, voice

Gare du Nord, Basel

Other events: 02, 04, 05, 10 & 12 of December

groundzero theatre, Baden

Théâtre La Fourmi, Luzern