13 May
18:00 - 23 h

hohles schleifen, helles aufschmettern

“Sound particle” for 1 mobile percussionist (World Premiere)

Academy of the Arts Berlin

As part of the Döblin Night
»oppositionell, wie ich einmal bin …«

Robyn Schulkowsky, percussionist


25 June
20:00 h


Music for 2 string instruments and window

“Artport” Gallery, Berlin

Josa Gerhard, violin
Benedikt Bindewald, viola



30 June
15:00 h

ojota l

“ojota l” (1997) for 1 percussionist and 5 pairs of shoes made of leather, wood & iron

Randspiele Zepernick

29 July
4:30 h


Open-air sound-event to accompany the sunrise (World Premiere)

Hitzacker Summer Music

Enrico Stolzenburg, direction
Peter Schärli, trumpet
Hans Koch, saxophone
Adam Weisman, percussion
as well as brass players and marching bands from around the region

24 August


Open-air procession by 15 composers (World Premiere)

Rümlingen Festival

Performers: musikFABRIK – New Music Ensemble,
Brass bands from around the region

29 September – 20 October


International master class with: Penelope Wehrli,
Lauren Newton, Fred Frith, Calixto Bieito,
Christiane Pohle and Ruedi Häusermannn

2 – 6 October
17.00 h - 22.00 h


University of the Arts Berlin in cooperation
with HAU Berlin

A music theatre journey south of Berlin inspired by JULIO CORTÁZAR
(World Premiere)