13 – 14 August


Collective composition by Lukas Berchtold, Helmut Lemke, Urban Mäder, Daniel Ott, Kirsten Reese, Enrico Stolzenburg (World Premiere)

Festival Rümlingen

For landscape, actor and singer/speaker, loudspeaker and loudspeaker controllers, light-sources and light-controller, wind games and wind player, bull-roarer and “Geisslechlöpfer” (Swiss whip-instrument), “Treichler” and bicycles, alp-horns and accordions, bass clarinet and baritone saxophone, trumpets and trombones.

30 August

beschleunigung. lokhalle 9/04

Spatial composition for the Göttingen locomotive hall for 23 mobile musicians (2nd performance)

Linien – ein Festival für Neue Musik

Co Streiff, saxophone
Christophe Dufaux, accordion
Jan Schlegel, bass
Ensemble of Swiss, Berlin und Göttingen musicians

10 September

fragment für carona. mit einem gruss an mina

for clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion, electric piano

La Via Lattea 7, Carona (Ticino, CH)

Ensemble Babel, Direction: Olivier Cuendet


10 – 12 September


Collective Composition with Kirsten Reese, Erwin Stache, Zoro Babel und Enrico Stolzenburg (World Premiere)

Eisenach and surrounding area