Le Rocher du Bock. Fortress Europe. A panorama.

Until 1867, the fortress of Luxembourg was the “Gibraltar of the North”. Daniel Ott, Enrico Stolzenburg and hundreds of young UGDA musicians are transforming the Bockfelsen into a sounding panorama in the festival rainy days, a symbol of this powerful Europe, whose coast is currently struggling for hundreds of thousands, seeking refuge or dying on its way there. The audience is in the court of the Neumünster Abbey, wind orchestral ensemble surrounds the Bockfelsen, the Petrusse becomes a sea, a tumultuous sound contrasts with small movements and sound actions from the casemates, from the top, from the gardens, from the river. Numerous drummers bring the local materials to the sound, loudspeakers open up an association area of ​​demonstrations in Germany, Greece, Ceuta and Melilla over police suits, muezzin calls and water noises up to Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Morse Code: “Everyone has the right to To seek asylum in other countries before persecution. ” What is Europe today? An “island of the blessed” or a rescue boat?

landscape composition

Daniel Ott / Enrico Stolzenburg.

Le Rocher du Bock, Luxemburg